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9th Annual VETSports Gala

RESTON, VA, September 1, 2021 — For six years, LATCH has been a proud supporter of VETSports and this past weekend, we were honored to attend and be a sponsor at the 9th Annual VETSports Gala, celebrating our Veteran heroes, their supporting friends and family, and the continuing success of VETSports.

Since 2012, VETSports gives Veterans a way to transition from military service to civilian life while providing a method by which to increase Veterans’ physical, mental, and emotional health. With 10,000 Veteran athletes across the country and around the world, VETSports’ growth over the last three years has really emphasized how important its mission really is. Through sports, Veterans find a comradery that encourages, empowers, and elevates them as they support themselves, fellow Veterans, and their community.

Once again, we would like to congratulate all of the winners from the gala awards. Your dedication and service makes us here at LATCH both humble and proud.

For more information about VETSports please visit: