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Due to the nature of Federal systems, Agencies require a broad range of cybersecurity services designed to identify, analyze, and eliminate security risks and vulnerabilities before they are exploited. With the continued evolution of technologies and migration towards cloud environments, there is an increased need for an extensive, comprehensive, and cost-effective approach to cybersecurity services. We bring three key aspects to any cybersecurity engagement: senior leadership, lean processes, and cybersecurity expertise. We integrate a highly skilled and lean staff that uses a defined set of security processes in compliance with Federal, NIST, DHS, and DOD policies and guidelines. With experience in cloud-based Zero Trust Architectures and a strong preference for creating defense in depth solutions, we bring needed help to Agencies that need extensive and cost-effective cybersecurity services. Download our cybersecurity capabilities document.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management is the discipline for managing access to enterprise resources and is a critical aspect of any information security program. Compromised user credentials are often an entry point into an organization’s network and its information assets. Identity management safeguards information assets against the rising threats of ransomware, criminal hacking, phishing and other attacks.  To promote automation within the IT security and access infrastructure that results in efficient, integrated workflows, our services allow organizations to standardize and automate many daily tasks that impose stress, password fatigue, and wasted time on users and administrators.

Identity as a Service

We support Identity as a Service (IDaaS) IAM solutions with the processes, infrastructure, and services required to support credential management needs specific to each organization’s IT infrastructure goals. Our risk-based approach uses a four-step process with emphasis on identity proofing and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) best practices. This provides a holistic assessment of users, their technical environment, and the nature of actions they need to complete. Our IDaaS solutions can be used with on-premise, cloud, mobile, and internal/external interfaces.

RMF and ATO Support Services

Developed by the National Institute of Standards (NIST), the Risk Management Framework (RMF) determines how Federal agencies and contractors protect and secure assets. This framework continues to change and evolve to help organizations improve their security posture on their path to attaining or retaining their Authority to Operate (ATO). Our RMF and ATO support services were designed and are led by experienced, certified cybersecurity experts. We build upon RMF’s six steps (Categorize, Select, Implement, Assess, Authorize, and Monitor) to proactively manage system and data security resulting in RMF compliance and ATO. We use risk-focused tools and processes to identify cyber risks and vulnerabilities across the enterprise.

Accreditation is sometimes seen as a process that is executed after each release, but RMF awareness informs all parts of our operations cycle. Our Cyber Security Engineers engage with development, O&M, and change management teams, manage security testing tools, and provide response support during security incidents. We update or develop security policy and security documentation through continuous collaboration with technical and functional stakeholders. We support Certification and Accreditation/Assessment and Authorization (C&A/A&A) activities by assembling security authorization packages including security plan, security assessment report, and Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M). Our cybersecurity experts help clients sustain secure and resilient systems by planning, optimizing, and engineering architectures, software, and security tools.


While there are many highly technical aspects to cybersecurity, an organization’s employees remain the first line of defense in protecting information assets and data. Our cybersecurity training support services use the Agile ADDIE model of training development to rapidly iterate and prototype cybersecurity training tailored for the different cybersecurity roles such as system owner, Contracting Officer, and Representative (COR). We conduct extensive data collection that includes task observation, technical document research, and direct collaboration with SMEs for all cybersecurity roles. We design innovative and creative instructional content using adult learning theory to address how adults learn. This includes an emphasis on self-direction, incorporating experiences, and providing a motivational element to encourage engagement, comprehension, and retention.

Shaping a Solid Cybersecurity Solution

There's a common adage in the cybersecurity world: compliance is not security. Achieving the ATO is just the first milestone to protecting your system from hostile actors. To discover more about our defense in depth and zero trust architecture solutions, schedule a session with our cybersecurity experts.