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Cloud Services

As Federal agencies transform their IT missions through cloud services, LATCH’s expertise in Cloud Design, Engineering, and Operations can help simplify complex processes. We provide cloud assessment, migration, and operations services with cloud native, agnostic, and hybrid solutions.


LATCH provides long-term Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Remediation solutions by incorporating senior leadership, information security professionals, and best practices to support security assessments, system compliance, cybersecurity policy, and cybersecurity training.


LATCH has more than 20 years of Program and Project Management experience on behalf of public and private organizations. Our full-service program, portfolio, and project management empowers the delivery of on-time, low risk, and high-quality services to achieve business outcomes.​


Using advanced frameworks, techniques, and tools, LATCH performs Software Design and Development for Government clients on modern technology stacks. We support transformations with DevSecOps to promote a secure Continuous Delivery solution that drives usable experiences.​

SAFe DevSecOps Playbook

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) DevSecOps Playbook describes technology and management plays that deliver immersive, usable, and accessible digital experiences. We integrate development lifecycle, continuous security, and integrated operations practices for systems and software engineered solutions.

Cloud Migration Plan

Our staff execute enterprise-scale migrations using cloud native, agnostic, and hybrid solutions. Our cloud migration plan includes the checklists, templates, project plan, and heuristics matrix that allows us to perform the four-phase migration process. Learn about how we think about complex deployments.

Cybersecurity Scorecard

Before changing a system, we audit its security profile using with qualitative and quantitative exploration and track our information in a Cybersecurity Scorecard. We use a heuristic technique that quantifies ten criteria to generate an aggregate score of a system’s surface of vulnerability.

Google Design Sprint

Google Design Sprint (GDS) is a based on modern design thinking that focuses on rapid iterations, an immersive experience, accelerated collaboration, and decisive decision making. Learn more about how GDS is a part of our “fail fast, recover fast” culture that increases the value of digital products.