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SAFe DevSecOps Playbook

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) DevSecOps Playbook describes technology and management plays that deliver immersive, usable, and accessible digital experiences. We integrate development lifecycle, continuous security, and integrated operations practices, which provides a foundation for managing the quality, performance, and delivery of systems and software engineered solutions. By using an established playbook prior to an engagement, we empower our team to deliver quality results at speed and collaborate with stakeholders across multiple projects and geographic regions. Our plays allow our clients to adopt our accumulated knowledge, best practices, processes, and lessons learned from other DevSecOps-focused projects. This knowledge brings quantifiable results through shorter release increments, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), the inclusion of cloud and micro-services reference architectures, and an automated Continuous Delivery (CD) Pipeline that drives increased business value to our customer’s end-users. Below are the top 10 plays that we find make the most difference in any software development engagement.

1. Be Safe

We use the SAFe framework to manage and coordinate our internal and customer-facing efforts with well-defined and understood practices at the Portfolio, Product, and DevSecOps tiers.

2. Be Lean

We use the Agile Kanban framework to manage our work and focus on capacity alignment, workflow optimization, and waste reduction.

3. Be Valuable

We use the DevSecOps framework to increase the value of our work products decreasing the time to market, enhancing relevance to the user, and reducing errors.

4. Be Engaged

We use Stakeholder Engagement and Alignment (SEA) to encourage strong, trusted relationships that emphasize transparency, accountability, and reliability.

5. Be Precise

We implement a comprehensive metrics and monitoring plan to define, collect, track, analyze, and report Key Performance Indicators for strategic and tactical decision making.

6. Be Secure

We promote a continuous security mindset and shift security practices to the beginning of the lifecycle. By shifting left, we identify, mitigate, and resolve security issues early and often.

7. Be Sure

We use an Automated Testing Methodology (ATM) as our software quality assurance play, which is built on automated processes for stable builds.

8. Be Interactive

By focusing on user-centered design, we provide positive experiences and increase satisfaction to achieve greater productivity, functionality, and positive perceptions.

9. Be Continuous

We adopt the Continuous Delivery model within a DevSecOps framework to drive value and streamline our work using a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment Pipeline.

10. Be the Best

We recruit diverse, driven staff who create high functioning teams through complimentary but varied skill sets, experiences, and expertise.

Be Ready for the Big Game

Clients want to get their digital products in front of their target audiences with minimal risk and maximum reward. To seal the win, schedule a consultation to learn how to adopt our SAFe DevSecOps Playbook for faster, high value releases.