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Leone Atchison to Speak at the 2023 Federal Identity Forum and Expo

RESTON, VA, August 22, 2023 – Sponsored by Okta, the President of Lalaith Astor Technical Consulting Company (LATCH), Leone Atchison, is set to take the stage at the upcoming Federal Identity Forum and Expo to discuss the critical role of innovation and intellectual property protection in maintaining the U.S. economy’s global competitiveness. This annual event brings together industry leaders, government officials, and experts to explore advancements in identity management, cybersecurity, and technology.

With the theme of nurturing innovation through intellectual property protection, Leone Atchison’s address will spotlight the symbiotic relationship between a robust Patent and Trademark framework and the nation’s economic prosperity. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), often hailed as “America’s innovation agency,” stands as a cornerstone in this endeavor.

The USPTO is at the forefront of safeguarding the rights of creators and innovators, facilitating the growth of new ideas, and fostering an environment conducive to economic advancement. The agency interacts with a myriad of inventors, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are committed to defending their intellectual property, and its cadre of 13,000 dedicated professionals are entrusted with administering patent grants and trademark registrations.

In the spotlight of the address will be the USPTO’s unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the technological curve. Leone Atchison will delve into the agency’s progressive strides towards accelerating its zero trust architecture, ridding itself of technological debt, and enhancing online services through modern identity management practices. By embracing innovative technologies, the USPTO is poised to enhance security, streamline processes, and elevate the quality of services provided to innovators across the nation.

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