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USPTO Service Delivery Automation Platform (SDAP), Enterprise Infrastructure Product Line (EIPL) Service Catalog, and Operational Bots

RESTON, VA, June 10, 2022 – LATCH, as the prime contractor, was awarded the Service Delivery Automation Platform (SDAP), Enterprise Infrastructure Product Line (EIPL) Service Catalog, and Operational Bots contract from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Together, LATCH and Sev1Tech will support the USPTO Office of Infrastructure Engineering and Operations (IEO) Enterprise Software Services Division in the gathering of requirements, development, and maintenance support for SDAP, EIPL Service Catalog, and Operational Bots products. In addition, our team will manage and develop the UiPath Orchestrator Administrator and RASA Enterprise Subject Matter Expert (SME) support.

To support the USPTO mission, LATCH will focus on a strategic application of cloud-native services, cognitive automation, data analytics, and business process re-engineering. We will enhance the existing program by improving the quality and integrity of data, expanding the services provided through the portal, and provide self-describing automated patterned stacks, which promotes further alignment with the USPTO enterprise architecture and cybersecurity policies. In addition, we will support the integration and administration for the UiPath Orchestrator and Rasa Enterprise platforms while refining policies for bot development and providing reusable design patterns.

The USPTO is a federal Government agency that grants patents, registers trademarks, and advises Government agencies on the policy, protection, and enforcement of intellectual property (IP). The USPTO implements training and education programs that empower individuals to create innovative technologies, which highlight the nation’s progress. As such, they require a broad range of identity and access management capabilities that focus on providing a high degree of security for their internal and external users.

LATCH was founded in 2016 and became an SBA-certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) in 2018 and an SBA-certified 8(a) Small Business in 2020. Our team provides insight into technical, finance, and business solutions as a trusted partner to the Government. Our core competencies include cloud services; cybersecurity; software development; software safety; and program and project management. We provide high-quality solutions, innovative architectures, engineering, functional designs, and verification techniques based on decades of experience that enable us to deliver a unique set of capabilities to our customers.

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